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The species I want to talk about today is also a species that has invaded China. This kind of food is a niche ingredient in China, and most people cannot afford it because its price is too expensive. It is a king crab that many people have never seen before. Speaking of king crabs, I have only seen them in film and television dramas, and I hardly see king crabs in our local supermarkets. He is only sold in some supermarkets in big cities. King crab is known as a noble delicacy, and many people say that his nutritional value is extremely high. In fact, many people don't know that the king crab is also an invasive species. Now it has flooded in Europe and Antarctica. What's going on.So,how do you eat alaskan how long to steam king crab legs?

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The king crab is a very special kind of crab. It is different from the crabs we are familiar with. We all know that crabs generally walk sideways, while king crabs can walk forward. And crabs can live on land, king crabs can't live on land. The king crab is a deep-sea crab that lives in a water depth of 850 meters for a long time..So,how to cook thawed king crab legs online?

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The Barents Sea is located between Norway and Russia. Before 1960, there were no whole king crab online in the Barents Sea. Moscow and St. Petersburg, the big Soviet cities, are located in the west of the Barents Sea. However, people in these cities want to eat King crabs were very difficult, so Soviet biologist Yuri Orlov came up with a way. In the autumn of 1960, he brought 9 female king crabs to the Barents Sea area of ​​​​the Soviet Union. In the past ten years, as many as 3,000 king crabs have been put into Krawan one after another. Since then, king crabs have taken root here..So,how long does frozen king crab on sale near me last?

Since the red king crab has no natural enemies in the Barents Sea, and the food here is very rich, the red king crab began to breed wildly in the Barents Sea, and with its strong reproductive ability, the red king crab successfully became the Barents Sea. The most powerful invasive species in the sea, with the increasing number of red king crabs, they began to appear in the waters of the Barents Sea in Norway in 1990..

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