golden king crab

Catching king crabs requires a large cage, and the crew will now hang bait in the cage, and then throw it into the sea, waiting for the king crab to be hooked. Of course, there is one task that must not be forgotten in the crab fishing process, and that is to regularly check the flags on the ships to prove which country the ships are from, so as to avoid being regarded as pirates by the air patrols. It was less than half a day before the Northwest went out to sea, and the flag fluttering in the wind had already cracked. One could imagine how strong the wind was at sea. Then, they had to drop the crab cages into the sea one by one..So,where to purchase golden king crab?

juicy king crab express queens

After a certain period of time, these crab pots can be recovered. I think you must have never seen such a scene. A full pot is full of king crabs. The crew members danced when they saw it, after all, it was related to their wallets. According to this trend, after the 5-day fishing period is over, everyone's salary can reach an astonishing one million, which is really enviable and jealous. However, behind such an attractive income, they also need to work hard. They basically work about 20 hours a day, because in this place in Alaska, there will be extreme daylight in summer. Intermittent work..So,what side dishes do you serve with juicy king crab express queens?

king crab.

This over-fatigue, coupled with the cold weather, will make the crew's response sluggish, and many lb king crab catchers are brought into the sea by huge waves and eventually drowned in this state. In addition, when fishing for king crabs, there is also a recognized "promise" on the boat, that is, the salvaged female crabs are thrown back into the sea. This is also to avoid no crabs to catch the next year..So,how do you serve king crab.?

Therefore, if there are not many crabs in a cage pulled up, and there are a few more female crabs in it, it is almost a loss-making business. From this point of view, the job of the crab catcher is not simple. Seeing this, Are you still interested in this job?.

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